LitPOS (Lithuanian Positioning System), the network of permanent reference GNSS stations, became operational in July 2007. It provides data both for real-time and post-processing applications. LitPOS stations cover the whole territory of Lithuania. Total number of LitPOS GNSS stations is 35. LITPOS users can use 3 ASG-EUPOS Polish stations and 6 LATPOS Latvian stations. LitPOS network stations are given below in interactive map.

It is possible on the basis of cooperation in EUPOS® project. European Position Determination System(EUPOS®) project is an initiative and cooperation of currently 17 Central and Eastern European countries (CEE) and Berlin that build up a ground-based European regional GNSS augmentation system with uniform standards that will cover a territory of about 10 million square kilometers.

LitPOS is a part of EUPOS® for territory of Lithuania. EUPOS® provides a high-quality differential GNSS information for high-precision positioning and navigation usable in a large field of applications.



Objectives of LitPOS:

  • to foster the implementation of GNSS techniques in Lithuania;
  • to support a broad spectrum of GNSS based applications in positioning and navigation;
  • to economize precise geodetic and cadastral surveying and to bring better comfort to surveyors;
  • to provide the "24/7/365" real time positioning service with national-wide coverage;
  • to harmonize the national geodetic infrastructure with the European Union countries and to facilitate the implementation of European Terrestial Reference System and European Vertical System.