SE „GIS-Centras" as a manager of the Lithuanian spatial information portal ( is implementing a project „Lithuanian spatial information infrastructure development by implementing priority tools of the INSPIRE directive" funded by EU structural support funds during the 2012-2014 years.

The partner of the project is National Land Service under the ministry of Agriculture. The budget of the project is 8.6 million litas (7.3 million litas is from European Union funds). The project is being implemented under the implementation tool of „Interoperability" No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-06-V by the economic growth program „Information society for all".

 The project scope: 

1. According to the INSPIRE directive and the implementation regulations, to achieve the interoperability of electronic services of Lithuanian spatial information portal and georeferenced public datasets (hereinafter GRPK) and other state register, cadastre information systems. 
2. To expand number of the data providers and e-services in the portal and increase spatial information portal efficient usage while creating new, interactive and public e-services in the Lithuanian spatial information portal (hereinafter LEI portal).

Solution of the project contains of the existing LEI portal systems' modernization, development of the new components for the successful INSPIRE directive requirements' accomplishment and e-services number and efficiency of the spatial information usage enhancement. The main objective is to create the effective way to use investments and create an added value for the geographic data of the state. Implemented project will reduce costs for the institutions to collect, manage and provide spatial information for the users. It will help with getting relevant and detail spatial information as well as manage documentation. Social economical benefits created by this project are calculated from 3.1 million litas in 2014 till around 6 million litas in each year after the project was launched.


Implementation of the INSPIRE requirements

Interoperability tools for the Lithuanian spatial information portal started being implemented in 2012 30th of October. Services building of the information system were provided by the Ltd. „Hnit-Baltic"

Expected results:

    1. Interoperability of the e- services by the INSPIRE directive must satisfy requirements such as services efficiency, capacity and accessibility. Moreover, the INSPIRE network services must satisfy the requirements of the search service, view service, download service and transformation service in the Lithuanian spatial information portal (

    2. Transformation tool for the spatial data of the INSPIRE data sets' I and II.

    3. The most suitable spatial data sets and metadata are provided in the spatial information portal (

If the expected results will be reached then transformation of the services by the INSPIRE directive requirements would be accomplished. The project creates an appropriate conditions for the spatial data managers to provide the data even if their do not have necessary equipment and they are not ready to invest additionally to it.


In addition, by implementing this part of the project systems' of will be updated and will work faster and more stable. It is important not only for the data providers but for all users as well.


New e-services

Georeferential public datasets (GRPK) in creates a possibility to produce new e-services. Ltd. "Asseco Lietuva" develops the information systems. Expected results of this part of the project are four new interactive e-services.

„Spatial information management in the Internet"

The most innovative result of the project is a cloud technology based on the e-service which will let use resources to solve public administration tasks and collabore with new data providers. GIS applications and e-services of the map will let create, manage and publish spatial data sets in the internet. Also, it will help for the users to create thematic information projects for the public sector or for the group of users who are willing to collaborate with The service could be also used to create and develop new added value products and new e-services.

Matching measurements data with georeferential datasets (GRPK)"

Surveyors using this e-service will upload their measurement's data and check how the data matches with georeferential data. The service gives information how the data of roads, streets, rivers, reclamation channels' center lines, border lines of the lakes and ponds matches with official georeferencial data. This service will reduce time and complexity of the agreements process.

Permission to build a communication networks and any buildings on the state land"

E-service is public and useful for people who need to get a permission to build communication or engineering networks in particular places of state land in the territory of the municipality. The parcels there are not formed as well as rights to build networks and buildings. This service will be used of the National Land Service territorial land management departments' employees who evaluate the feasibility of the permission provision and analyse an applications.

Analysis and evaluation of the land funds"

E-service is a public service and useful for people who are willing to purchase, rent or sell land parcels. As well as useful for people who are calculating prices of the parcels and for surveyors. This service will provide tools to get the information about the user's indicated parcel, execute the spatial analysis of the parcel's location, to get the parcel's evaluation by the thematic spatial data sets from the Lithuanian spatial information portal and get the quality indicators from the provided list.