The INSPIRE encouraged company to create a spatial information portal of Lithuania ( SE National Centre of Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics "GIS-Centras" is the company where the most implementing activities of the INSPIRE directive while creating spatial portal – happens. The company creates a truly national gateway for the spatial data access and distribution. "GIS-Centras" collaborates with different governmental agencies and private sector companies in order to create a national framework for the spatial data for serving different community needs.


The national spatial information portal allows to access and share information among the organizations in a World Wide Web. It helps to reduce time of search and access to the spatial data. benefits for the society are without any doubts. It connects people, many organizations and business world. The INSPIRE implementation through the lets for "GIS-Centras" to progress in terms of raising number of employees, gaining knowledge, new experiences and new business opportunities.




SME: GIS-Centras:












Over 30 people 

became happier.


Ca. 5 people thinking of geographic data sharing and developing ideas of geographic data harmonization.

Looking for the powerful partners.

Beginning of the project for development of spatial information infrastructure of Lithuania (LSII).









Every year increasing the number of spatial information access via WWW 

First discussions


Preparatory activities




LSII and under development. Lots of work, innovation and enthusiasm. 

Directive establishing INSPIRE



2009 together with LSII launched! Metadata, spatial data available.

Knowledge growing.

New structure of the company.

Success–legitimating LSII and!

Implementation of INSPIRE



Implementation of INSPIRE discovery service in LSII.

New smart people joining our team.

New partners, data, services, applications and ideas.



8 people work directly with LSII,

Additionally 4 people "outsourcing" for activities regarding to INSPIRE

Generation of new project for future development of the LSII and regarding INSPIRE and growing users requirements.


The project starts! New challenges for us.


The INSPIRE contributed a lot to the innovative and necessary project for Lithuania - creates a new way to interact, search and share recourses. The reliable, up to date, unique, from the primary source and valuable spatial information are the criterion the is following. An open data in the portal shares knowledge and culture of Lithuania. The spatial data ensures that everything is in the right place – from the industrial decision where mistake can cause serious environmental threats till the simple citizen choice of living or travelling.


Many highly innovative based features raised since the portal was launched. The project of gives an input for the new, wide range projects while exchanging and sharing data and knowledge between different organizations. The involvement of in the vary business fields counts many success stories. The performs providing a health, education and other opportunities for the citizens.  A lot of attention in society got an ecological farms website where the map and functionality have been used ( Moreover, the land information system services and search in the land use projects are integrated in the which are popular among the cadastre managers, municipal officers and others. The effective communication is essential for the better country management in all areas. creates the environment for the innovative, original and scientific ideas for the society.


Enormous amounts of information should be filtered, collected and classified that people could use it easy and fast. The provides such an opportunity and creates many more opportunities for everyone who needs or is interested in geographic information. The number of the users' increases constantly and it confirms that the project is necessary for the people. is one of the success factors of the company "GIS-Centras". recourses became networked and as a start point for the other projects. It brings a significant value for the country, for the different private companies and for the each citizen personally.