Signing data usage agreement by e-signature

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE (e-signature) - an electronic equivalent of a regular signature and an identity document (e.g. passport), which enables secure signing of electronic documents with a legally valid signature when connected to information systems on the Internet.

The instructions in pdf:

When ordering some e-services, you will need to sign a usage agreement. Geoportal.lt uses 3 systems for identity verification and signing of contracts - by clicking, after confirming the identity through the State Information Resources Interoperability Platform (VIISP), with a physical signature and an electronic signature.

To sign a license agreement with an electronic signature, follow these steps:

1. When making an order indicate that you want to sign by e-signature:

2. In the My Orders section (accessible via My Portal-> My Orders) find the order with the status "Upload signed licence agreement".

3. Download the licence agreement by clicking the "View licence agreement" button. The downloaded document will be in .adoc format.

4. Go to Signa.mitsoft website and select "Sign adoc document"

5. Upload the licence agreement, click "Next"

6. In the Content section, select View Agreement. After reading the terms of the agreement, click "Next"

7. Enter the name of the signatory (mandatory) and the position and department (optional)

8. Select a signing method

9. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone or follow the instructions after downloading the specified application:

A. Signing using a local device:

B. Signing using a mobile device: confirm the request and follow the instructions on your mobile device;

10. Save the signed document;

11. Return to the My Orders section (accessible via My Portal-> My Orders), find the order, and click „Upload signed licence agreement ";

12. Upload the licence agreement ant click "Next";

13. Wait for the manager to validate the order;

14. Validated order will be processed the status will change to "Ordered geoproduct is ready"