How to use geoportal.lt as a company representative

Ordering data sets and e-services on behalf of a company

Requesting data sets and e-services on behalf of a company.

Company representative who wants to order data sets and e-services on behalf of the company, must send a completed request form by e-mail: pagalba@geoportal.lt


Providing data

Ordering of spatial data sets and e-servises on behalf of the company service can be made by submitting the following data:

- application (fill in the provided form);

- list user names and login names of those who intend to use geoportal.lt services (all specified users must be previously registered at the geoportal.lt);

- enter your company details and confirm the request with the signature of the company director;

- sign the application by electronic signature. If the application is signed by a physical signature and is scanned, keep the notice "ORIGINAL WILL NOT BE SENT".


Please note that:

• One account (a user registered at the geoportal.lt) can only be linked to one specific company. Different logins are required for representing two or more companies;

• In the event of a change of specified employees, please notify us of any changes to the above e-mail address.