INSPIRE predefined data set as GML file is incorrectly located in the map in QGIS – how to solve the problem?

After downloading INSPIRE predefined data set in GML format and adding it to the map in QGIS, the GML file content is located in the map incorrectly. The problem is related with how QGIS interprets the GML file content, but not with the data itself. The data set is correct. GML file content is located as X, Y values, but not as Y, X values in the map in QGIS. That's why data is not in its right place, rotated and mirrored. In order to see data located correctly in the map, it is recommended to swap XY axis in QGIS via plugin named "Swap XY" (to add the plugin go to the meniu Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins and search for the mentioned plugin to install it). 

Alternatively, use INSPIRE predefined download data as SHAPE format (if the data set is available; you can check here: https://www.geoportal.lt/geoportal/en/web/en)